• It’s Elemental: Basic shamanic journeying and movement with the spirit of the elements
  • Embodied Shamanism: Learning Embodied Journeying using all your senses
  • ShapeShifting Into Living a Life You Love
  • Soul Retrieval Workshop
  • Shamanic Coaching: Program to have your gifts, strengths and talents utilized
  • Teacher Training: A 2 year in-depth program on Embodied Shamanism
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Power Animal & Spirit Guide Connection
Shamanic cultures believe that we are born with power animals that volunteer to protect us from harm and keep us emotionally and physically healthy. Shamans also work with Spirit teachers in human form. These guides are typically gods, goddesses, angels, religious figures, and ancestors who provide information, guidance and healing when needed.

Soul Remembering & Retrieval
The ways of our modern world can lead us to losing touch with the Vital Essence we brought with us into our human life, leaving us feeling exhausted, lost and without a strong connection to our soul’s purpose and evolutionary path. A more extreme form of individual power loss takes the form of soul loss when traumatic circumstances lead to dissociation. A shamanic practitioner can help us to reconnect with our soul’s purpose and retrieve lost soul parts to achieve wholeness.

Organizational Shamanism (OS)
These programs are designed to energize the spirit of organizations and tap into new levels of creativity, intuition and wisdom not available with contemporary methodology. OS focuses on transforming inner states to bring about outer change, and taps into creative potential beyond limiting beliefs and assumptions. We provide experiential processes to coalesce compelling vision and purpose, establish core values, increase harmony, stimulate imagination, enhance manifesting desired results, enable decision making, tap into individual talents, increase connectivity, unleash initiative, and build community. These processes optimize the organization’s effectiveness while increasing individual health, happiness and fulfillment.

Spiritual Guidance & Journey Work
We can access guidance for our lives by direct revelation in the Spirit World by working with compassionate helping spirits. Accessing the spiritual realm is accomplished by stimulating our visionary capacity in a Shamanic State of Consciousness to travel and meet with these benevolent spiritual beings, receiving information, healing and teachings. Help from the Spirit World is always available to us once we know how to “step through the veil.”

Conscious Death Transition
We can consciously and proactively prepare for and embrace our physical death as a major spiritual passage, an unparalleled opportunity to return to the state of pure Spirit with a goal of leaving the body peacefully, without fear or regret, feeling complete with our human life. In preparing for our own “good death”, we also learn to be a powerful and loving support to others facing theirs.

Transformational & Embodied Movement
This conscious movement practice combines core shamanism with moving meditation and ecstatic transformation. Traditional shamanism has always been about dance and the movement of energy as a way of awakening the universal life force that is available to everyone. Movement awakens the sacred vibration that connects us with universal consciousness.

Transmuting Personal & Environmental Toxins
With assistance from spirit helpers including the elementals (earth, air, fire, water), the Nature powers and radiant Light, we can be freed from the toxic effects of our negative emotions, thoughts and surroundings. Miracles of healing can materialize when we invoke our Intention for release in asking for the help of the powers that can heal all things.

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