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Perhaps the greatest psychosis today is the plague of Nature Deficit disorder!

Humans, especially children, are spending less time outdoors in nature, which has resulted in an epidemic of mental, emotional and behavioral issues that are eroding the quality of life and living on this beautiful planet.

This separation from nature and the web of life has led to an escalating disintegration of our culture, economy, and ecosystems, which is threatening the future of all life on this planet. We have become lost, disconnected and out of balance. Facing an uncertain future that looks bleak and foreboding, we must return to the garden.

Shamanism is a nature based spiritual path of direct revelation. Shamans have known since the beginning of time that the web of life is our true source of power.

Please join us for this special global online event, Living a Shamanic Way of Life:
3 Core Lessons From the Heart of Nature.



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"Michael Stone is a brilliant shamanic teacher and practitioner. He brings power, strength, clarity, and compassion to both his teaching and also the healing work he performs for clients...skills that can help all who work with him to have graceful access to the invisible realms and the path of shamanism."

Sandra Ingerman, author of 10 books including Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light

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Drawing on the light, love, and ancient wisdom of shamanism, a path of direct revelation,
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